12 Ways to Prevent a Data Breach

Cybersecurity concerns are growing in the business community — and for good reason. The sheer volume of threats alone is skyrocketing as the cybercrime industry gains trillions in profits. Whether hackers are motivated financially, politically, emotionally, or for other reasons, they are looking for weaknesses in your security system to get inside your network.

It doesn’t matter if your organization is big, small, or somewhere in the middle because the sensitive data you store is valuable at any size. Passwords, DOB’s, SSN’s, and credit card numbers are just a few examples of what is sold on the dark web (a.k.a. the seedy underbelly of the World Wide Web where illegal activities transpire.) When organizations assume they are protected, they set themselves up for failure. (The Equifax data breach is a perfect example of this.) We encourage you to dive into your security policies thoroughly and often.

“Is My Business Protected?”

This is definitely one of the most common questions prospective clients ask us, and they are unpleasantly surprised to learn about vulnerabilities in their systems. If the same question has crossed your mind, consider taking the quick quiz below.

How many of these 12 must-have protections does your organization currently have in place?

  1. Security Assessment – Get a baseline of where you are at and what your current vulnerabilities are. Once you have your baseline, routinely perform them to make sure you don’t have open holes.
  2. Spam Email Protection – Secure your email and make sure it is being scanned for threats. Your protection should include looking for phishing emails, malware, and viruses.
  3. Passwords – Apply security policies on your network. Also, deny or limit USB file storage access and enable enhanced password policies.
  4. Security Awareness – Train your team about data security, email phishing, your policies, and procedures. Then test your team to make sure they are following procedures.
  5. Advanced Endpoint Security – Let’s face it, if you’re still using the same A/V you were using a few years ago, it’s time to get the protection you need.
  6. Multi-Factor Authentication – Utilize this whenever you can, including on your network, banking sites, and social media.
  7. Computer Updates – Keep Microsoft and third-party products up to date with the latest patching.
  8. Dark Web Research – Knowing in real time what passwords and accounts have been posted on the dark web will help you be proactive in preventing a data breach.
  9. Firewall – Turn on Intrusion Detection and Intrusion Prevention features. And please, make sure someone is monitoring it.
  10. Encryption – Whenever possible, encrypt your hard drives and files.
  11. Backups – Back up locally. Back up to the cloud. Your backups are only as good as your restores, so it is critical that they are tested at least monthly.
  12. Cyber Insurance – If all else fails, protect your income and your business with cyber damage and recovery insurance policies.

How did you do? If you scored lower than 12/12, then there’s a good chance hackers have stolen some information from you that has gone unnoticed. Find out for sure by contacting us for a free security assessment. Complete the form shown above or call us at 317-372-7625.

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Our system is now much more efficient and secure.

Our system is now much more efficient and secure.

Bytecafe took the time to learn about our business before recommending and implementing solutions — our system is now much more efficient and secure. When we do need technical support and advice, they deliver quickly and with excellent customer service.

Lisa Wirthwein
Marketing & Operations Director

Knowing that Bytecafe is our partner looking after our security and system needs gives us confidence to focus on our business.

Knowing that Bytecafe is our partner looking after our security and system needs gives us confidence to focus on our business.

Data is the life blood of our business. Any breach of our security, any threat to the integrity of our data, or any anomalies in our systems poses danger to our mission-critical operations. Knowing that Bytecafe is our partner looking after our security and system needs gives us confidence to focus ...Read More

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