Can Employers Demand Employees Give Up Their Login Info?

     Here’s a new question that’s being discussed in the courts: Do employers have the right to ask new hires for their username and password to various social media sites? According to the state of Maryland, the answer is, “No.”

Recently the Maryland General Assembly passed legislation that prevents employers in the state from asking prospective employees for their login information for various social media sites, including Facebook and Twitter.

FREE Computer Recycling Month Is Back!

Do you have old computers collecting dust and taking up space?  Since you can’t just toss computers in the regular garbage you may be wondering how you can get rid of them?

Well Bytecafe is here for you and ready to help you dispose of your old computers and servers!  Join us for our annual National Recycling Month!  The next time you see a Bytecafe Team member, simply give them your old computers.

The Difference Between Backup, Disaster Recovery And Business Continuity

If you think “data backup” is synonymous with “disaster recovery” and aren’t sure what “business continuity” means, you’re not alone. Most of the business owners we talk to make the mistake of not knowing the difference and end up paying the price when data is lost, a network goes down or a disaster prevents them from accessing their physical office and the server inside.

Android App of the Week: Dexrex

Dexrex allows you to capture, save and read your text messages the same way you do your emails.  How many times have you wanted to easily search for something that you sent via text message but it just took too much time?  Now, a copy of your text message conversations can be delivered to you right in your e-mail box.

9 Tips For Creating A Secure Password

You’ve got one for every site and every application you use--e-mail, online banking, social media sites, and your CRM system, just to name a few. With so many password protected sites to keep track of, the inclination is to always use the same password for every site or to make it so easy you can’t possibly forget it (like using Password123). Unfortunately, this compromises all of your data and makes it easy for cyber-attackers to steal sensitive, confidential information.

Disaster Recovery: The Most Critical Part To Data Backups That Most Companies Overlook

A few months back tornados ripped through Joplin, MO and Tuscaloosa, Alabama causing massive devastation. If you were fortunate, you only had to suffer through minor interruptions of utility services, with others paying a far steeper price. In fact, a colleague of mine who also offers IT services had his office in Joplin reduced to a pile of rubble (see photo). This got me thinking about how important disaster recovery planning is to any business.