Daymond John’s 5 Steps to Success

Daymond John’s 5 Steps to Success


In June I had the pleasure of meeting my fourth “Shark”, Daymond John, from the hit show on ABC, Shark Tank. Before Shark Tank, Daymond was best known for his company FUBU (For Us By Us) which has sold over $6 billion in clothing globally. He is also the author of four books: Display of Power, The Brand Within, The Power of Broke, and Rise and Grind.

When I met Daymond, he spoke about the 5 steps to success. He spoke of these in terms of starting a business or running an existing business, but they can also be applied to the individual. You don’t have to run a business in order to be successful. Here are Daymond John’s 5 steps to success:

  1. Set A Goal. According to Daymond, “What it comes down to is knowing where you’re headed. Be realistic on this. Aim too high and you’re bound to be frustrated, disappointed. Aim too low and you might leave some opportunities on the table, so take the time and get it right.”
  2. Homework – Do yours. In business, KPI’s (key performance indicators) and analytics are key. Know your numbers, know your competitors and use these to your advantage.
  3. Adore What You Do. This comes down to passion. You have to really love what you are doing. If not, you need to find something else to do. With Daymond, he absolutely loved clothes and seeing people wear his creations. If you own it, love it and live it…you will find a way to make it work.
  4. Remember, You Are The Brand. When it comes to building a business, it all starts with how you carry yourself, what you show the world. It is all on you.
  5. Keep Swimming. Daymond said: “Even when they’re asleep, sharks are slipping through the ocean, swimming, scheming, and getting ready to attack. This is basically the approach you have to take when you’re starting out in business.” You have to always keep moving forward and be relentless about it. Real sharks in the ocean, if they don’t keep swimming, die. The same will happen to your business if you don’t keep swimming.

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