Are You STILL Keeping Critical Passwords On A Post-IT Note Next To Your Computer?

One of the hardest habits we struggle to get our clients to break is writing down their passwords on sticky notes by their PC. Obviously this is a security risk. Another bad habit is choosing really easy-to-remember passwords such as “password.”

But admittedly, it CAN be hard remembering all of those darn passwords that are always changing.

Need to rename a lot of Windows Files? Here is a quick way to do it.

Are you needing to rename a lot of files in Windows Explorer?  Here is a quick easy way to do it!

Select the first file in your list and press F2, then type the new name. When finished, press Tab instead of Enter. Windows explorer will jump you to the next file in the list and automatically select the entire file name so you can rename it without having to press the Backspace key.

What is the Snipping Tool in Windows 7?

One of the tools in Windows 7 that I use the most is the Snipping Tool.  This allows me to grab something that I have on the screen and place it into a word document or save it to a file for later use.  Before Windows 7 (I skipped Vista), I had to use a third party program to do this (SnagIt).  Now this tool is built into windows and is very easy to use.